By: Tamara Green

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It was dark outside and one of those bone-chilling grey days, about 17 degrees. It was 11 days before Christmas and I was headed into Lawrence Hospital in Bronxville, NY. Most of New York was still asleep as I walked into the ambulatory care unit to have a procedure done called a sigmoidoscopy. This was a familiar place to be, for it was at this hospital in 2009 that my surgeon removed about seven pre-cancerous spots the size of lentils.

The reason why I was back again on this day was because my regular gastroenterologist was recommending that I have a follow-up “sigmoid” to make sure everything was still fine after the surgery. I expected that all would be well, but the news that I received was not what I wanted to hear. My doctor who performed the test showed me the photo of the tumor that he had just found, this time about the size of a raisin. After getting dressed and being told that I had to visit the surgeon as soon as possible, I drove home feeling dejected. I was scared and overwhelmed and my mood was plummeting. Sitting alone in my living room, these words swam around in my head: “I can’t believe it’s happening again”; “I’ll have to have another painful surgery”; “Is it cancer?” The more I focused on these thoughts, the more upset and disappointed I became.

Then, like a bolt of lightning, it hit me. I suddenly realized what I was doing. I was sitting in fear and spiraling into more and more negativity. I instantly shot up out of my chair and decided to take charge of my situation. I was going to do exactly what I would tell anyone else to do if they were seeking my advice. With pen and paper in hand, I wrote the following words: “I AM HAPPY AND GRATEFUL THAT I AM HEALING NOW”.

Through all my years of study and self-exploration about the human mind and emotions, I know that where I put my focus is what I tend to experience. So, I decided that I was going to practice what I have preached for years to my clients. I decided to set an intention for healing myself.

Intentions are goal-oriented statements expressed in present time. When said over and over, they are powerful and life transforming. I say them like a mantra, until I have no doubts that what I am saying will actualize as reality. I felt happy and had a deep sense of gratitude while repeating my intention. Saying the affirmation, “I am happy and grateful that I am healing now” was good, however, feeling what it felt like to be healed, was amazing and exciting.

One day lead into the next and I became very aware of my mind activity. Every time I caught myself worrying or engaged in some negative self-talk about my medical situation, I just noticed it and let it go, then repeated my affirmation. After about 4 to 5 days of this increased awareness, I realized that I had zero attention on my health issue. I just let it go completely. Actually, my mind and body were at peace. As a result of having no mental conflicts with my intention, the steps that were necessary for me to take to achieve my goal became clear: I did healing meditations, improved my diet, had sessions with my energy healer, drank shots of organic wheat juice and visualized the outcome that I preferred.

Fast forward one month, and I’m sitting in the surgeon’s office waiting to be seen. The very thing that I’d set my intention on was realized: the perplexed surgeon announced, “I don’t see anything. I know you have a photo that shows you had something, but it’s not there any more.” And that, on this miraculous day, is exactly what happened!

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Tamara GreenTamara Green, LCSW is an experienced Loving Relationship Expert, Psychotherapist and Certified Hypnotherapist.

She specializes in coaching singles to find their soul mates and couples to heal their relationships.

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